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  • We had two wonderful weeks vacation in Podgora, Croatia, especially in our accommodation. Very big, modern and clean apartments. We had everything we need. Podgora is ideal place for your vacation. It was excellent!

    H. Brody, England


Podgora is the right choice

Podgora is the right choice
Podgora is a tourist and natural oasis of rustic dreams. Your expectations will be fulfilled with the rich flavors of the sea, the warm touch of the sun and the strong scents of the Mediterranean vegetation. Whatever you can expect from your vacation, Podgora is the right choice.

Mediterrannean charm

Wherever you find yourself awaiting the morning, you will enjoy yourself  in the Dalmatian atmosphere, abounding abundant inwith traditional fish specialities, songs, selected wines, and good cheertime. Everything that is a natural gift from God is a good thing.

Complete relaxation

Everything here is available at your fingertips. Podgora is a place for complete relaxation, beginning with a delicious breakfast and continuing with afollowed by a swim in the sea that is looks as a drop of the clearest spring water. Here you will enjoy an enchanting combination - , the Earth combines mergingin an enchanting combination with the salty tastes flavors of the sea, always in harmony, as a preserved and natural environment is essential for our quality of life.

In Podgora, the tradition of organized tourism dates back almost one hundred years. Next to private villas, apartments and lodging facilities, we have also built hotels. Wherever you decide to stay, the hospitable hosts in accommodations that reflecting the MeddMediterrannean charm will warmly greet you. Here our architectural heritage is deeply steeped in tradition. The sunrise in Podgora is a hymmn dedicated to each new day.

The focus on the sea

The focus on the sea and the fishing industry has influenced the development of two new harboursharbors: Porat and Čaklje, with over 360 berths. A part of the berths are intendedis foreseen for nautical tourism. We also offer the possibility of excursions by sea towards the islands of Brač, Hvar, Korčula and Mljet. Podgora is situated between Split and Dubrovnik, cities full of rich monumental heritage, while and the Sanctuary Shrine of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Medjđugorje is not far away.

National and sacral festivals
On the town's Saintthe day of Saint Vincent, the protector of the city, in Upper Gornja Podgora you can participate in the great national and sacral festival to that will revive your body and soul. The most significant cultural monuments are the church of ''Svih Svetih'' (All Saints) Church bulilt in 1764., and barouque stylechurch of ''Srca Isusova'' (The Heart of Jesus) Church built in 1804 in Baroque style.

Composition of differences
For an active vacation, we have prepared a multi- purpose sports center for tennis, volleyball, basketball and bocce (lawn bowling). Water activities include water skiing , windsurfing, boat and speedboat rentals. If you are not skilled in these mentioned sports, we can teach you through courses providedyou can take courses at our water skiing and underwater diving schools. Join us in navigating the deep blue sea. Podgora is an unique composition of differences.

Our travel package is truly widespread as in short time we can lead you from the azure sea to the peaks of the Biokovo Mountain. We organize mountain climbing, photography safaris and hunting in this Nature Park whichPark that offers activities to suit everyone’s interests and physical abitlity. Brave and skilled adventurers can arrive at the foothill of Biokovo by air: hand gliding, paragliding and parachuting. The more cautious can decent down gentle trails leading through hillsides overgrown with underbrush, centuries old olive trees, vineyards and fig trees.

Untill next time!

Here vacations last all year long due to the mild climate and the sea that is suitable for swimming from May to October. Here the sea never says goodbye, it always says until next time!

Sports played in Podgora

If you want to stay fit, during your stay in Podgora, you have at your disposal variouscan choose between various of sports activities:

In addition, Podgora has a sports ground where you can practice:

Find out more about these sports

Your stay in Podgora will be completed with organized day and night diving – to visit underwater world. Unforgettable moments will allow you BIRGMAJER SUB that organize diving school by the CMS standards for R-1, R-2 and R-3 category for the license of the Croatian Diving Association. For those more experienced they organize diving with tank on a dozen locations near Podgora.


Parasailing is very attractive completation of your vacation, to look at Podgora and surroundings from the bird's perspective. If you decide to try parasailing, it is important to have confidence in the organizer – the captain of the boat and the equipment. That will make you to enjoy in a pleasant flight.  

Podgora Culture & History


The cultural heritage of Podgora is reflected in numerous prehistoric sites – starting with those from the Roman times and the remains of towers from the Turkish times in Sridi village, centuries-old religious buildings, all the way up to a sort of the city’s symbol – the impressive monument Galebova krila (Seagull wings) above the city, a symbol of victory over fascism on the Adriatic coast.


Podgora was early inhabited due to iss its geographical position and it was first mentioned . It is mentioned for the first time in written documents in 1571 a. As one of the places under the protection of Venice, after the Turkish defeat in the battle of Lepant. From thate period, there are remains the remains of a an old cementery with a couple of preserved tombstones. Church of St. Tekla in mentioned in 1630. in Gornja Podgora which was inhabited until the great earthquake in 1962.
There are numerous remains of the churches, and most important structure, also damaged in the earthquake, is a large keep on the hill Roscici from the times of Tuerkish invaesions. The keep lost of its „warlike“ paaearance considering it was afterwards as living quarters. Other important historical monuments include the church of Ali Saints, built in 1764. and a chapel of holy heart of Jesus built 1804. By the family Mrkusic. During its long past and to the present day, Podgora faced the sea and made its living from the sea, even though, until the second  half of 20th century, it was mainly located higher up the mountain. Mountain provided shelter from the danger from the sea, like pirates and raiders and the land is more fertile furher further from the sea because of the salt in the air and sol. After the great earthquake in 1962. Podgora was completealy orients to the sea. Its inhabitants built their houses closer to the sea, rather than reconstructing old ones in Gornja Podgora. Construction of Adriatic Road and the tourist development also contributed.


Podgora was named after its position - under the mountain (Croatian: pod gorom). The majestic mountain of Biokovo rises above the city and offers a spectacular view of Podgora – Selo and Kraj, coast and islands. The headquarters of the Nature Park Biokovo is situated in Selo, i.e., in the Gornja Podgora (Upper Podgora). Beautiful pebble beaches and two marinas round up one of the most beautiful places in the Riviera of Makarska.

Podgora Nightlife

Check out a wide selection of restaurants, taverns and pizzerias, bars and pubs in Podgora. Enjoy your holiday and visit the cinema or nightclubs that offer you an unforgettable entertainment.


Popular Restaurants in Podgora

  • Restaurant Klemić

    Krešimira IV 93

    Tel. : +385 (0)21 625 259

  • Restaurant Borak

    Branimirova 111

    21 327, Podgora

  • Fish Restaurant Paradiso


    Tel. : +385 (0)21 625 315

  • Restaurant Roko

    Branimirova 43

    Tel. : +385 (0)21 625 010

  • Restaurant Obala

    Branimirova 39

    Tel. : +385 (0)21 625 320

  • Restaurant Primordia

    Branimirova 113

     21 327, Podgora

  • Restaurant hotela Podgorka

    Branimirova obala 87

    Tel.: +385 (0)21 601 777

  • Restaurant ville Sunce

    Branimirova obala 75

    Tel.: +385 (0)21 679 693

Cafes & Pubs in Podgora

  • Cafe Nola

    Krešimirova 79

    21 327, Podgora

  • Cafe Vela

    Krešimirova 71

    21 327, Podgora

  • Cafe Podgora

    Branimirova 23

    21 327, Podgora

  • Cafe Banana

    Branimirova 89

    21 327, Podgora

  • Pub Neretvanka

    Branimirova 71

    21 327, Podgora

Popular Pizzerias in Podgora

  • Pizzeria Ahipara

    Krešimirova 21

    21 327, Podgora

  • Pizzeria Srećko

    Branimirova 25

    21 327, Podgora

Famous Inns in Podgora

  • Inn Centar

    Branimirova 11

    21 327, Podgora

  • Inn Kaštel

    Tina Ujevića 17

    Tel. : +385 (0)21 625 262

  • Inn Pivac

    Tina Ujevića 29

    Tel. : +385 (0)21 625 379

    Range of specialties from the grill

Nightclubs in Podgora

  • Night club Azzuro

    Šetalište Sutikla

    21 327, Podgora

Cinema in Podgora

  • Cinema Podgora

    Andrije Kačića Miošića 12

    21 327, Podgora

Important phone numbers

  • Municipality of Podgora

    Vukovača 2

    Tel./Fax. : +385 (0)21 625 279

    Tel. : +385 (0)21 625 103

  • Pharmacy Podgora

    Branimirova Obala 88

    Tel. : +385 (0)21 625 024

    21 327, Podgora

  • Gas station

    Vukovača 2

    Tel. : +385 (0)21 625 030

    21 327, Podgora

  • Splitska banka

    Branimirova Obala 113

    Tel. : +385 (0)21 625 211

    21 327, Podgora

  • Post office

    Branimirova Obala 88

    Tel. : +385 (0)21 625 041

    Fax. : +385 (0)21 625 355

  • Tourist inspection

    Tel. : +385 (0)21 611 577

    21 327, Podgora


  • Tourist board Podgora

    Branimirova Obala bb

    Tel. : +385 (0)21 625 560

    21 327, Podgora

Local radio

  • Radio Makarska Rivijera

    97,6 MHz

    Tel. : +385 (0)21 615 976

    Don Mihovila Pavlinovića 1

  • Radio Brač

    91,8 / 102,7 MHz

    Tel. : +385 (0)21 631 144

    Villa Lidija bb, Supetar, Brač

  • Nautic radio Vis

    90,5 / 93,4 MHz

    Tel. : +385 (0)21 711 333

    Vladimira Nazora 19, Vis

  • Radio Hvar

    94,7 / 95,4 MHz

    Tel : +385 (0)21 742 722

    Tel : +385 (0)21 313 777

    Hvar bb, Hvar

  • Radio Dalmacija

    87,8 / 106,9 / 107,3 MHz

    Tel : +385 (0)21 342 910

    Tel : +385 (0)21 342 915

    Kralja Zvonimira 14

    21 000 Split

  • Radio Split

    101 / 102 / 104,5 MHz

    Tel : +385 (0)21 366 666

    Mažuranićevo šetalište 24a

    21 000 Split